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Bring your photos to life.

Old family photos, travel souvenirs or iconographic archives can experience a new life through treatment that will restore them to their original quality.

Whatever their medium (glass plate, films, paper, etc.), whatever their format or their color, it is possible to re-edit them with high quality. Their reproduction can be done in an electronic format or a traditional paper medium.


• Reproduction of historical documents of the negative type in glass or film, all formats, black and white or color.

• Archival reproduction in document form in all sizes, from postage stamp to the square meter.

• Reproduction of paintings.

• Process for enhancing retouched documents.

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The reproductions, above, were used to illustrate the book retracing the life of Lambert Molitor who embarked for Persia in 1901. He returned definitively in 1928, after having ended his career there as Director General of Persian Customs reporting with him many documents such as photos, in paper and glass plate form, postcards, drawings, paintings, regional maps and various documents.

All these documents have been reproduced and edited to illustrate this book.

From Persia to Iran - Lambert Molitor - The adventure of the Molitor

Editor: Elytis Eds

Web: "Les Belges en Perse"

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Reproduction and retouching of old family photos.

• Photo 1: Jules II, Alfred and Thérèse D. (1880).

• Photo 2: Jules D. Senior (1891).

• Photo 3: Amélie D. (1878).

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      • Digital restoration of old glass plates; either black and white negatives or Autochromes plates, all formats (4 "x5", 20 "x25" ...).

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      • Untitled photo
      • 2020-05-03-0001

      Digital restoration of a family photo taken in 1913 on an "Autochrome" support, colored glass plate, damaged by time.

      It is amazing to rediscover, after treatment, the life of a photo taken over a hundred years ago!

      Example of work done for family archives.

      Shooting of artworks and collections.

      • Shooting objects from the past or present.

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